Knowing the best ways to increase your property’s value is invaluable, even if you’re not considering selling in the near future. It’s also worth checking with a real estate agent to assess what will provide your best return on investment if you sell.

Top value adding tips

Paint and repair external walls – There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to spruce up your home giving instant appeal and a fresh, modern look. Replacing old doors or windows can modernise and be energy efficient.

Landscaping, garden lighting and outdoor areas – Messy gardens, dead plants or boring yards can be a fast turn-off. Transform your yard to be fresh and inviting by investing in new soil, rocks, shrubs, ground covers, trees, and mulch. Do it yourself or hire a professional landscaper. Incorporate garden lighting to create a modern, chic look. Reinvigorate any outdoor areas as inviting and functional outdoor spaces can dramatically increase the perceived value of your home.

Fix or upgrade interior flooring – One of the first things that buyers see is the floor. People expect floors to be contemporary, clean, and stylish. Fix any flooring flaws by replacing tired carpets and re-furbishing timber floors where necessary for an instant value-add.

Upgrade the kitchen – The kitchen is one of the most important areas of any home. Buyers want a functional workspace. Kitchen improvements, big or small, will add value. Converting a closed-off kitchen to a larger, open plan works wonders, or simply updating the appliances can be a winner. Also, increasing natural light or updating old light fittings adds appeal and instantly brightens up your kitchen.

Bathroom and toilet repairs – Repairs like painting the walls and replacing tile grout can work wonders. Clean out your exhaust fan and repair chips in the bathtub or sink to make fixtures look like new. Replace old lighting with more user-friendly or energy efficient models.

Internal lighting fixtures – Lighting is really important as it makes the house look its best. Down-lights enhance most environments or use spot lighting to showcase pieces of decor in the home. Energy efficient lighting also boosts a property’s appeal.

Painting interior walls – Interior design trends come and go. Many new homes feature coloured walls rather than blank, white walls. If using colour, be sure that all the colours blend well together and match your home. Consult an interior designer if unsure.

Roof and foundations – Have a professional inspect your home ahead of time and repair any structural flaws, as a poor inspection report due to flaws in your roof or foundations could break your sale at the last moment.

De-clutter and set the stage – Styling your home for success needn’t cost a fortune and can make all the difference. Invest in a thorough clean to ensure your home is sparkling for inspections. Organise furniture placement to make rooms look as large as possible. Replace or remove items if necessary. Remember less is best. Make your home look fresh and modern by investing in some inexpensive versions of stylish, fashionable accessories. Great low-cost options like throws and cushions can instantly change the way a room looks and feels.

Buyers like to see themselves in the home so it’s important to de-clutter and remove all your personal belongings, such as family photos and any unnecessary items. Store excess items, in short-term storage if necessary. Buyers open everything and look everywhere, and a de-cluttered neat space suggests a house in good order.

Acknowledgement: whichrealestateagent