At Smile Elite we take all complaints seriously and therefore ask that all staff follow this complaint handling procedure. 


  • We have zero tolerance for an Agent’s failure to comply with the Property and Stock Agents Act, Property and Stock Agents Regulation and other laws relevant to the conduct of Business and, as such, all complaints are addressed actively and in compliance with relevant legislation, including privacy laws.
  • We expect all employees to take complaints handling seriously, adhere to the complaints-handling policy
  • Where a complaint relates to a financial transaction, it must be referred to the Licensee in charge as soon as practicable.
  • The Licensee in charge has exclusive carriage of the investigation and resolution of all complaints.

The Agency classifies complaints as follows:

Feedback. This type of complaint is treated as input for the Agency’s program of continuous improvement.

Financial. Complaints of inappropriate and/or illegal behaviour in relation to a financial matter are treated most seriously by the Agency and will be actioned as a matter of utmost priority. These types of complaints must be reported to the Licensee in charge as soon as possible and the Licensee in charge will undertake an investigation and supervise their resolution of the complaint directly. If, upon investigation, it is determined that it is necessary to inform NSW Fair Trading, the Licensee in charge will do so immediately.

Non-financial. Allegations of inappropriate and/or illegal behaviour in relation to a non-financial matter are treated seriously by the Agency and will be actioned as soon as practicable.

Complainant’s are requested to lodge complaints in writing, setting out matters that they allege have breached appropriate Agent/client behaviour and/or amounts to illegal conduct. These complaints are then entered in the Complaints Register.

The Agency will acknowledge each complaint immediately and undertake to respond to the complaint in writing within five business days. In responding to the complaint, the Agency will specifically address each item set out in the complaint. The resolution will be recorded in the Resolving Complaints Checklist.

All complaints will remain open until resolved or until all efforts to resolve the complaint have been exhausted.

The Agency’s website includes a copy of this policy, as well as a link to allow a complainant to email a complaint directly to the Licensee in charge.


  • If you receive a complaint, you must ask the complainant to lodge the complaint in writing and send it to you and the licensee in charge via email to
  • The complaint is to be logged in the relevant complaints register, we have 2 separate registers, one for financial complaints and the other for non-financial complaints.
    • If the complaint is a financial complaint, you must refer this to the licensee in charge immediately so they can take steps to resolve the complaint as soon as possible.
    • If the complaint is a non-financial complaint, you must take any required steps towards resolving this. Should you require assistance, refer the matter to the licensee in charge

Refer to the following documents:

SUP7.2 Complaints Register – Financial

SUP7.3 Complaints Register – Non-Financial

  • In the register, add all details of the complaint in the relevant tab. The first tab of the complaints register is where an overview of the complaint is recorded to easily see an overview of all complaints received and the progress towards being resolved.
  • You must reply to the complainant within 5 days with steps that specifically address each item set out in the complaint. This must be prioritised – add a calendar reminder if required.
  • If the complaint has been resolved, record this detail in the relevant complaints register including the date and details of how the complaint was resolved.
  • The Complaints Registers must be retained for a period of 3 years from receipt or resolution of the complaint (whichever is later). A copy of the original complaint and related correspondence must be retained and filed.