The ‘countdown’ to Christmas has begun and notoriously this is the busiest retail time of the year!

So, if you have your home on the market during the hustle and bustle of the ‘silly season’, take a leaf out of the retailer’s book and ensure your home is on someone’s ‘shopping list’ this year; by having it ‘showtime’ ready to appeal to buyers.

“Let it show, Let it show, Let it show……”

Just like the retailer’s window, there are key points to remember when showcasing your property in this niche selling period.

Make the buyers’ ‘shopping list’

Yes, the real estate market may be a little quieter, but having your property for sale at this time offers its own unique opportunities; you just have to know what they are and how to use them wisely. Expert guidance from the right agent to market and stage your property in this niche timeframe, can give your home the best chance of selling at a great price.

The sun is shining!

It’s summertime, and buyers love to get out and about in the good weather, so make a great first impression and attract prospective buyers with your garden blooming at its best, outdoor entertaining areas looking inviting and natural light enhancing your home.

Not everyone celebrates.

For some people, it’s business as usual. As the rest of the country winds down, you can take advantage of this valuable niche market and create the sale you need.

Fewer homes for sale = a greater chance to sell.

Fewer homes on the market over December and January mean less competition, so it’s your property’s chance to shine! Do your homework to know what competition you do have, and do comparison pricing for your area, current and prior year at the same time. Ensure your property is a ‘stand out’, to grab buyers’ attention; by looking fabulous, being realistically priced and marketed to maximise its potential and emphasise your home’s best features.

Buyers versus lookers = more ‘genuine’ buyers.

At this busy time of the year, you’ll find less people are ‘just looking’, so your chances of securing a genuine buyer and successful sale can be greater. Buyers out and about in this timeframe are generally more serious, which is great news for you. Buyers who’ve been searching for a while and are feeling a little frustrated, may be eager to purchase before the Jan/Feb rush. Also, there are buyers re-locating for work, as well as those who sold before they bought, needing to find a roof over their heads quickly, creating a sense of urgency.  

Put it in my shopping bag!

The atmosphere is more relaxed during this period, and this may assist with negotiations. By making ‘shopping’ as easy as possible, your buyer might be willing to pay that bit extra, ‘It’s Christmas, let’s just get it’, to avoid the Jan/Feb frenzy.

‘Dress’ your home for success     

 Just like the retailer, you need to appeal to potential buyers, and you can secure a sale and your best price with correct preparation, planning and execution.

Create a festive feel in your home, without going over the top. Just like the stores, add a festive touch without creating too much clutter. Your home needs to be the star of the show! A little festive greenery in your windowsill, a simple Christmas tree or garland is just enough to add a touch of festivity and prospective buyers can picture themselves during future holiday seasons in ‘their’ new home. Festive lighting can create atmosphere, but once again, don’t go overboard. Adding lanterns to your hallway or bathroom with a few pieces of decorative twig/greenery is a simple, stylish and effective way to bring a festive feel.

KISS – Keep it stylishly simple!

You’ve worked hard to style your home, so don’t distract from your creation. Select festive colours that tone with your décor. Prospective buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the space, so keeping to a minimalist design will create the perfect canvas for them to work with, even during the festive season. Achieve this by minimising furniture and removing cards from friends, plus any personal ornaments/pictures and excess decoration to avoid clutter. Remember KISS!

Organise photos of your home prior to giving it the festive touch. While your aim is to sell quickly, this will ensure your home can easily transition to the post-Christmas market, should it be required.

Preparation meets opportunity.

Know your market and be prepared. Be aware of your competition and have a realistic starting price for your property to generate interest/views with potential genuine buyers who are out and about at this time. It’s also important to factor in and be prepared for slower than usual transaction times once a sale is made, as many brokers, lawyers, and banks have reduced business hours during this time period.

Make sure your property makes a potential buyer’s ‘shopping list’ this year and bag yourself some festive cheer with a sale during this niche selling period.

Wishing you a very merry sale and a happy New Year in your new home!

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