Working from home? The answer is for many of us our work situations have now changed and working from home has become more the norm than the exception. As much as we may miss the energy and chat that the office environment brings there are many positives to working from home.

And no, it’s not staying in your PJs all day! The reality is to be more productive you should always get up and get dressed to kick start your day. And with the daily commute gone, make the most of the additional hours you’ll have in the day to be more productive.

Simple advice to make working from home easy:

To ensure you work productively, you first need to create a well-planned workspace. This needs to be an area in your home where you can concentrate and be organised, preferably a study nook or spare bedroom. A space you can step away from at the end of your working day.

Get technology sorted
To ensure you can work efficiently download speed is important, so get this sorted out first thing. Wireless is your best option if you are not there already. There’s not much you can do to beautify the computer, printer and phone, but you can get rid of or hide unsightly cords.

Designated workspace
Laptops are great but we tend to set up shop all over the house. To successfully work from home and be more efficient, devote a designated space for your files and office equipment. The remainder of your home will then be kept feeling like home.

Watch your posture
Just like you watch your posture in the office do the same at home. Invest in a good quality office chair and take breaks often. If investing in a desk, why not a convertible stand-up desk or try a balance ball to maintain your body while you’re working

A note on the fridge
No, it’s not a grocery reminder! Set allocated times for your morning tea and lunch and place the times on the fridge. Keep your routine and keep your waistline in check. If you must snack, make it something healthy like celery and carrot sticks.
If possible, your workspace should not be near the kitchen – out of sight out of mind will limit snack attacks!
Work with your space
Whether it’s a small space, or a spare room that you have as your dedicated office space you can make it work.

Check out these home office ideas:

Choose your best hours
Not being confined to 9-5 you can now choose when you work best. So, what time do you work best? Are you a morning person whose ideas and energy flow in the early hours or is it hard to wake up? Do you get drowsy in the afternoon and want a siesta? Or do you work best later in the day or even the evening? As long as the work is completed, and any necessary zoom meetings are attended it really doesn’t matter when you work.

Added extras

More me time
How long does it normally take you to get to and from work? By working from home, you no longer need to spend time commuting. What else could you do with his time, be it 1 to 2 hours or more each day? Perhaps try yoga, exercise, get creative, meditate or garden. Or with everything nowadays online why not start that course you’ve always wanted to do. Make the most of this additional time to be a better you. And, if really tempted, you can even enjoy a little sleep in once in a while.

Save, save, save
You can now make your own coffee and lunch at home. Just think about how much you normally spend each day for coffee, lunches, petrol, parking or public transport and how much you will save. It soon adds up.

Remember you can also write off a portion of your home office expenses on your taxes.

Happy home office!

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